A rash, and impatient Dragonborn Barbarian. Usually speaks first with his dragon breath, than any words. The Kobold poke'mon.


STR: 23, CON: 19, DEX: 18, INT: 12, WIS: 14, CHA: 19 AC: 34 F/R/W: 35/27/27 HPL 155

Fave Weapon: Glowing Pink Great Axe of Doom Armor: Bestial Hide


Heskan, the Kobold Poke’mon. A running joke in the campaign. Heskan is a Dragonborn who’s father was killed by Marmagok. Marmagok grew wings after killing Heskan’s father and left the Hidden Valley. Heskan wrangled a Griffon, and flew away to the outside world to hunt down Marmagok and take him out, once and for all.


DD: Anhsook Del Iris TheSoulGuardian